Jennifer, Jenny, Jen, or Jane will catch my attention. No matter what you call me, I’m a 28 year old makeup junkie and all things beauty enthusiast trapped in a nurse’s body. Girlfriend of a scientist, literally…and dog-mom to our cute little (big) bulldog pup, Charlie.img_1378

A friend, who I now owe the WORLD to, threw out the “Hey Girl!” line and suggested she had the answer to all of my problems. Of course, I brushed her off because it had to be TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Fast forward 6 months to November 24th, 2016 and I found myself following her lead and signing up for a distributorship (eww.) with SeneGence (thinking- “how do you even pronounce that?”).

I now proudly call myself a #bossbabe, entrepreneur, makeup artist-in-training, and am leading a team of 52 makeup obsessed, goal-getting women! Pinch me!! I get to make life-long friends, play with makeup, take selfies, & get PAID to do so! How is this MY life??!

I am part of the #1 team within SeneGence (whaaaaat?!) and therefore have all the tools to help you be successful & reach your goals, whatever they may be! You’ll never find another Sisterhood like this one and together we can be unstoppable!

If you were given the chance to change your life forever and have the opportunity to earn an income larger than you’ve ever dreamed on part time hours, would you take it?! Have I mentioned there is NO catch? It’s just $55 to get started and you’ll be an official BOSS BABE!

Be a #BossBabe!

XO, Jennifer Capitoni