RN to BSN to MUA

K soooo. I did it, I’m DONE. I just turned in my last assignment for my Bachelor’s degree. As you know, I’m an RN and have been for quite some time, but only had my Associate’s degree from Penn State (#WEARE). Did I want to go back to school, ABSOLUTELY NOT, for a million and one reasons. But I was hired at my job conditionally and had no other option. At the end of the day, am I glad I have my BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)? Sure, I know the extra letters are worth something to the world, BUT we all know where my heart really is — beauty, makeup, skin care, etc.

Since I started my business a year and a half ago, I’ve had A LOT on my plate — school, work, the business, traveling back and forth each week to be with my boyfriend who is also in school (4 hours away, ugh). I basically have been LIVING out of my car the past year and a half & my home has turned into just a pit stop. I lost a lot of sleep and cried a river, no, an ocean of tears, but it’s finally over. It wasn’t that my classes were hard, just so very time consuming. I wanted to be working on my business, but was being forced to write ten page papers about constipation instead. No joke, I’ll send you a copy.  It was as if someone was telling me, your dreams aren’t important, but this piece of paper that won’t even get you a raise means more. I could rant on forever about how much I didn’t want to spend anymore time in school, but it’s over! My time is mine again and I get to decide what to do with it.

The point?

If I had waited until I finished school to sign up as a distributor with SeneGence, I wouldn’t have an amazing team of women on my downline, I wouldn’t have made new friends and connected with old ones, I wouldn’t have gotten 17 commission checks that allowed me to drop my hours at the hospital, I wouldn’t be a certified makeup artist, and I would STILL be wondering, “well Jen, now what..how are you going to find your way out of nursing?”

I stopped waiting for something to find me. I found my passion in life AND it makes me money! I didn’t wait until the timing was perfect. I purchased my business for $55, when the timing was horrible and I wasn’t prepared, but each day that has passed, I’m one step closer to having a life I’m in love with. If you’re waiting for the time to be exactly right for anything in life, you may never be able find what you’re searching for.  I’m so thankful that I went on a whim and just got started with SeneGence. Now that the timing is exactly right, I’m not starting from square 1.. I’m at like square 14 or something! I hear all too often, “I’d love to do what you do, but the timing isn’t right, I’m just too busy.” That’s not true, that’s an excuse. Stop waiting for life to happen to you, go get the life you want.

If you love makeup and are looking for more than slaving away your life in your 9-5, 7-7, or 8-4 job building someone else’s dreams, come talk to me! The possibilities with SeneGence are endless. Work smarter, not harder.

Shop, Read More, Sign-up!

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