Skin Care Tip #1, Don’t Skip Skin Care.

I would be willing to bet my favorite pair of leggings that you are one of these girls: 1. girl who washes her face once a day and nothing else, 2. girl who washes her face and maybe applies some kind of drug store moisturizer at night (like whatever was on sale, duh), or 3. girl who goes to bed with her makeup still on. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of reaching your mid-20s yet—I hate you and you’ll want to pay attention too.

Mid-20s seems to be the theme, yes? I absolutely dreaded turning 25, my thought was, “well, it’s all downhill from here, my boobs, butt, life.” Later I realized that was a tad on the dramatic side, but one thing that hadn’t even crossed my mind was my skin. At some point at the age of 26, WRINKLES appeared basically everywhere and it seemed to happen overnight— all around my eyes, mouth, and forehead.

As you may know, I am a distributor for the unicorn of lipsticks, LipSense. When I got into the lip gig, I really only thought I would be selling magical lipstick and that’s it. I had my own makeup and face wash and was completely uninterested in products like “Climate Control” or “Nangai Oil,” like nah, not happening. It wasn’t until I earned $1200 worth free products for being so kickass at selling LipSense that I decided to try out the skin care. One thing you’ll learn about me is that I will avoid paying full price for anything I buy, so being that the products were freebies, I gave them a go. I didn’t bother to read up on them or figure out what order I should have been applying them, so eventually I gave up and became uninterested, not seeing the results I had expected.

Fast forward to one month ago. I was in California for a conference with SeneGence and what I’m about to tell you blew my mind, BLEW MY MIND! During your mid-20s, you STOP producing collagen and then you lose 1 to 2% each year. WHAT??!! Say it ain’t so!

I also found out that it really, really, really matters what order you apply your skin care products, and it literally comes down to a science. With so many amazing before and after results of using SeneGence products, I followed the instructions to a T. And while SeneGence asks that you give all products an 8 week trial period before making decisions on whether you like them or not, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I did a side by side of my before and two weeks later photos. With two weeks of proper skin care, my crow’s feet were almost gone, my RBF forehead lines were less deep, and my bare skin was actually glowing for the first time in years.

Back to my point, don’t skip skin care! If you’re not sure where to start, ask me for help! SeneGence and I have you covered. And if you haven’t started seeing signs of aging yet, Father Time makes no exceptions and he’s coming for your ass, babe.



Products Used: Cleanser, Daytime Moisturizer, Evening Moisturizer– all from the Normal to Dry line. Climate Control, Dark Circle Eye Treatment, Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, SeneSerumC, Nangai Oil, Eye Creme, & Collagen Night Pak.


  1. Rachelle says:

    Love this! Lol I’m guilty
    Of #3 but I’m getting better!!


    • Thanks!! I’ve definitely been pretty good at doing my skin care routine twice a day, but sometimes miss my p.m. routine. Big steps from where I started! Your skin looks great on your video yesterday!


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